Reunion Check-in

1st Signal Brigade Association
Williamsburg, VA 11-14 September 2014
2-John Keenan 3-Eddie Fulwood 4-Merv Norton 5-Dan and Patricia Tutler
7-Glen Acre 8-Ray Quigley 9-Gerry Baus 10-Martin Anderson
11-Larry Schumann 12-Robert Freeman 13-Dan Jett 14-Jim and Ann Wolf
15-Tom and Judy Armstrong 16-Francis and Paula Bolinger 17-Wanda Arndt 18-Bill Scaggs
19-Norma and Dennis Roberts 20-Floyd Boatwright 21-James Haney 22- Gabriela and Cesar Cuadra
23-Clair Morrison 24- Mary and Joe Gleason 25-David and Beverly Wilson 26-Linda McCouch
27-Janet Bartholf 28-David and Pat Minnema 29- Sally and Dennis Byrnes 30-Gerry and Betty Hoover
31-Richard Smith 32-Bob and Ronnie Meltzer 34- Sandi and Peter Kind 35-Gary and Kathleen Burlette
36-Richard and Kathryn Dahl 37-Dave Gibson 38-Richard Miskovsky 39-Robert and Debbie Van Pelt
40-Michael Hay 41- Sharon and Elton Robertson 42-Kenneth and Mary Lou Hightower 43-Huey, Billie Jo and Tyler Hightower
44-Daniel and Lillie Burchett 45- Jean and Tom Davis 46-Donald Hoffman 47- Marianne Damon and David Pfaff
48-  Rhonda and Steve Morgan 49-Paul and La Dona Schuler 50-Jerry and Marilyn Mong 51-Ted Stahr
52-Harry and Carol Rush 53-Paulette and Bernard Wallace 54-Dave and Elaine Harris 55-Steve and Georgia Pierce
56-Glenn and Nancy Acre 57-Robert Terrell 58- Diana and Samuel Alexander 59- Mary and Dick Wilson
60- Alice and Mel Rice 61- Angela and Robert  Motley 62-Joseph Cavaluzzi 63-Max Timberlake Jr
64-William Crawford 66-Doc and Sulee Taranto 67-Charles Smith III and Denise Dwight Smith 68- Karen and Barry Posey
69- Judy and Bob Simpson 70- Anita and Stan Grieco 71-Frank Bridges 72- Lee and Benny Bennerson
73-Melvin and Chanh Thompson 74- Joyce and Kenneth Proulx 75-Mary and Joseph Dempsey 76- Muriel Blanchette and Maurice Philippon